Our Stone

While there is stone virtually everywhere you dig in New England, certain areas contain stone with the perfect blend of aesthetics, durability, work-ability and character. Through years of building relationships with land and quarry owners, we are able to consistently provide the best possible materials to our clients.



Below are some pictures of our own Blueberry Granite. We use this material to create walls, veneers and cut stone pavers in many of our installations for a truly unique look.

Another favorite is reclaimed granite.  smaller sized blocks are squared up at our shop and delivered to job sites for installation in walls, chimneys, veneers and other unique features.  We often choose certain colors for particular jobs to create a custom pallet of colors.

New England Fieldstone is yet another staple and included in many housing, landscape, and fireplace projects. We collect ours from many land owners and farmers looking to utilize open space on their property, certain areas have stone with great work-ability and patina; desirable in most of our applications.

In addition, many colors of ledge stone from tan, to blue to grey and other earth tones are available in a network of quarries operating throughout the region, each with unique characteristics making them ideal for certain applications.

We choose stone for our projects using knowledge of the character of each stone, we control the look of our finished products by choosing stone color, shape, fabrication at shop if required, then tooling and setting technique.

The combination of stone, technology, knowledge and old world craftsmanship allows us to create a wide variety of masonry projects from contemporary to rustic that will fit will with virtually and New England property